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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors find ways to improve health and cancer care. Each study tries to answer scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat cancer. Clinical trials may be designed to address the following questions:

  • Does this treatment work?
  • Does it work better than the one we're now using?
  • What side effects does this treatment cause?
  • Do the benefits of using this treatment outweigh the risks?
  • Which patients are most likely to find this treatment helpful?

Significant advances in cancer research and treatments are being made all the time. Yet, it takes many months, and sometimes years, for these treatments to become approved and enter the market. This is because rigorous research and testing in clinical trials is required before a treatment becomes accepted. All current FDA-approved treatments were first tested in clinical trials long before they were approved and made available to the general public.

How do I find out about clinical trials?

Our doctors may suggest a clinical trial for you to take part in if you are already an established patient based on your medical history. Patients can search for clinical trials at the following website: Finally, clinical trials may be advertised in the newspaper, radio, and television. You can always contact the research department for more information on clinical trials and research available in our office.

Am I eligible for a clinical trial?

Each clinical trial has a specific inclusion and exclusion criteria to determining a patient’s eligibility. This criteria is based on a patient’s diagnosis, past medical history (including past treatments), and the results of testing required by each specific clinical trial. The research staff along with our doctors will need to assess this information in determining eligibility for the clinical trial. The research team can usually make a pre-determination of a patient’s eligibility for a clinical trial based on their diagnosis, previous treatment and medical history.

How can I obtain more information on clinical trials and research taking place in your office?

For more information on clinical trials and research at Island Gynecologic Oncology, please contact a member of our clinical research team at (631) 376-0055 ext. 107.

Current Clinical Trials and Research

Ovarian Carcinoma Trials

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Cervical Carcinoma Trials

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Endometrial Carcinoma Trials

CARIS Registry Target Now - Biomarker Expression Patterns and Hematopoietic Diagnostics for Evaluation of Correlation with Clinical Outcomes for Cancer and other Patients

Sera Trials Bioreclamation – Specimen studies of women with Ovarian, Cervical, or Endometrial Cancer



S1316 SWOG - This partially randomized clinical trial studies surgery or non-surgical management in treating patients with intra-abdominal cancer and bowel obstruction. Bowel obstruction is a common problem for advanced cancer patients and can negatively affect quality of life. It is not yet known whether surgery or non-surgical management is the best treatment option for bowel obstruction and can lead to better quality of life.


NRG-CC004 - This phase II randomized trial studies how well bupropion hydrochloride works in improving sexual desire in women with breast or gynecological cancer. Bupropion hydrochloride may work by boosting sexual desire, energy, or motivation without causing intolerable or undesirable side effects.


MD Anderson Conserv trial - The goal of this surgical research study is to learn if "conservative surgery" is a safe and feasible option for women with low-risk cervical cancer (stage IA2 or IB1, Grade 1 or 2).


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