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Wound Care Instructions - [view PDF]

If you had either an open (laparotomy) or closed (laparoscopic) surgery, you will have incisions or wounds that may require care.

Open (Laparotomy)

For open (laparotomy) surgeries, your incision will be closed with staples that will be removed, or stitches that will dissolve. If there are any tape strips to support the edges of your incision, leave them on until they peel off (about 1 week). If there is gauze dressing over the incision, you may remove it at your first bath. You may gently wash the incision with soap and water; do not rub.

Closed (Laparoscopic)

For closed (laparoscopic) surgeries, you will have either “hidden” stitches beneath the incisions that will dissolve in time or visible stitches that will be removed at your post-operative visit. There may be bruising over your lower abdomen.

Disability Forms

Your employer may require disability forms to be completed for your time out of work. Please provide our office with any forms your job requires. Please be advised the forms cannot be completed until AFTER your surgery or procedure.





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